Production Engineering

The Production Engineering department was established in the year 2009. This department strives to impart in-depth knowledge and training in the field of Production Engineering that encompasses the fields of energy, thermal, design, manufacturing, industrial management, environment engineering and to expose students to latest research and development techniques so as to cater to the growing needs of the Industries and to mould the students as good citizens of our Country.

The course have been designed in such a way that students get the necessary depth in the chosen area of specialization while absorbing the necessary back up knowledge so as to maintain the required breadth in the general Technological Scenario. Special efforts have been made to enable the students to translate the theoretical knowledge with laboratory & field level experience.

  • Engineering practices lab
  • Manufacturing Tech lab
  • Fluid Mechanics lab
  • Strength of Materials lab
  • Thermal Engineering lab
  • CAD/ CAM with CNC Machines
  • Metrology lab
  • Mechatronics Lab